Taste of New York: Visit the Best Upper East Side Pizza Joint

When it comes to finding the best pizza in the Upper East Side, competition is fierce. There is no shortage of pizza shops to try, each putting its unique spin on this legendary pie. Whether you want to eat surrounded by New York history or keep up with the trendy set, this neighborhood has a restaurant for you. 

There’s no substitution for a slice from Giacomo’s Pizza & Restaurant, of course. Combining the very best of old and new, we offer a pizza experience grounded in Italian tradition, with a touch of contemporary flair. Whether you choose to sit on the street or inside, the mouth-watering aromas, delicious flavor combinations, and inviting ambiance will make you feel right at home.

Vibrant Upper East Side Neighborhood

The Upper East Side moves at its own pace, a place to take a deep breath – and enjoy a relaxed slice of pizza – in the ever-hustling city that never sleeps. The wealth of parks, schools, and community centers gives it a more suburban feel that’s perfect for families. With Central Park and Museum Mile within walking distance, not to mention the pizzazz of Madison Avenue, it’s no surprise that this is highly coveted real estate.

This family-friendly, laid-back atmosphere translates into our restaurant. You might think that pizza in the Upper East Side is only for the upper crust, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Giacomo’s is a place for everyone to gather and savor traditional slices or take a walk on the pizza wild side.

Local Favorite Pizza Slices

A great slice of New York-style pizza has a few essential qualities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a visitor: these are the basic elements to look for in a truly excellent pizza slice. Our Upper East Side pizza is a great example, all the way from the classic cheese slice to more explorative options, like the Chicken & Broccoli Pizza or the San Genaro – a beautiful blend of sweet Italian sausage, Spanish white onions, Grande melted mozzarella, and other delectable treats.

A thin, crispy crust is classic New York, but for a slice, it also has to be firm enough to support the toppings while still being pliable enough to be folded. That’s the best way to eat a slice on the go, after all. Next comes a tasty tomato sauce, flavorful enough to add richness and texture without distracting from the cheese and toppings. There should be good cheese coverage, but not so much that it makes the slice hard to eat. Finally, there should be a generous amount of toppings to ensure that every bite is breathtakingly delicious.

Skilled & Talented Pizza Chefs

Making pizza is a specialized skill, part art, and part science. The quality of our Upper East Side pizza is a testament to our superb kitchen team. Our pizza chef’s expertise shows in the consistently delicious, authentic pizzas we serve every day. That’s how we craft the best pizza on the Upper East Side.

Our chefs have crafted a menu full of traditional favorites and new surprises. If you’re looking for something a little more outside the box, you’ve come to the right place. Our Artichoke Pizza is always a winner – or try the Artichoke Dip Slice if you’re on the go. For the meat lovers, there’s our Buffalo Chicken Pizza, featuring our homemade Buffalo sauce, grande melted mozzarella, and plenty of Parmigiano cheese.

Best Upper East Side Pizza Delivery

While pizza places on the Upper East Side have a great ambiance, sometimes all you want is for the pizza to come to you. City life gets busy no matter where you live, so our pizza delivery service is here to make sure you never miss out on your favorite pie or slice.

Whether you choose the convenience of delivery, the speed of a pick-up order, or join us for an in-house meal, Giacomo’s pizza never disappoints. Whatever you’re craving, we’ll deliver a pizza extravaganza every time.