Giacomo’s Pizza & Restaurant

If you’ve been googling the phrase, “best New York pizza place near me,” then you’ve come to the right place! At Giacomo’s Pizza & Restaurant, we make treating yourself to experimental and adventurous Italian-inspired food easier (and tastier!) than before.

Imagine the best of Italian cuisine; their culture’s dedication to a perfect plate of pasta and pizza, and their passion for fresh, high-quality food. It means that every meal is beautifully presented and utterly delicious.

Now mix this with the chef of Jacques Brasserie’s diverse culinary history, and you’ve got yourself pizzas and pasta with depth and subtle complexity. There are also gluten-free and vegetarian options, and we’re happy to customize your meal to cater to your preferences. After all, we’re here to share the delights of Italian flavors with you!

Manhattan Pizza:
A Slice Above the Rest

At Giacomo’s, you’ll want to browse through the entire New York pizza menu before you order. On top of the classic, grandma-style pizzas (yes, there’s even a build-your-own option!), like your go-to Pepperoni pizza, Margharita, or Buffalo Chicken slice – there are options for those feeling a little more experimental. Ever had a Chicken & Broccoli pizza? An Artichoke Dip Pizza Slice? We didn’t think so, but it’s never too late to try something new!

In terms of starters, this New York pizza place has something for everyone. So, invite your family and friends and dig in. Anyone for a freshly-baked, delightfully crispy garlic bread knot? How about some generously coated, perfectly smokey buffalo wings? Yes, please!

Now, for mains, you might be craving something other than your regular pasta or pizza favorite. Perhaps it’s time to try something new, like an indulgently layered, baked lasagne or a crunchy, cheesy Calzone. And remember to finish your meal with pudding, like a slice of heavenly chocolate cake or a scoop of Italian gelato. At this family-friendly restaurant, we’ve got you covered, from appetizer to dessert!

Local Pizza,
Pasta & More

This Manhattan pizza menu offers homey, hearty meals that cater to everyone. What’s more, our restaurant has takeout options too. So if you’d like a takeaway, you can get your food delivered right to your door. Alternatively, schedule your order, come through, and collect your meal at your own convenience. It’s as easy as that.