Welcome to Giacomo’s Pizza, a haven for adventurous pizza lovers looking for a taste of something new. With five locations throughout New York, we bring a taste of French and Algerian-inspired meals to you.

Owned by the same creators as the much-loved Jacques Brasserie, Giacomo’s Pizza brings its playful fusion of flavors to your favorite pizzas. On top of the classic, grandma-style pizzas (yes, there’s even a build-your-own option!), like your go-to Pepperoni pizza, Margharita, or Buffalo Chicken slice – there are other options for those feeling a little more experimental. Ever had a Chicken & Broccoli pizza? An Artichoke Dip Pizza Slice? We didn’t think so, but it’s never too late to try something new!


Of course, there’s a story behind our menu. It starts with our chef’s grandparents, Maman and Mimi, who were passionate cooks based in France. In the early 1900s, they closed their Paris-based bistro and moved to Algeria. They raised a family, and their grandson, Jacques, was born – who shared their love for fantastically flavorful food. The mix of French cuisine with Algerian influences introduced them to a new variety of spices and flavors that added a hearty warmth and depth to the meals that go unmatched. 

Picture the French’s love for fine bread, pastries, and high-quality ingredients mixed with the sun-soaked flavors of Algeria along the Mediterranean. The result is heavenly pasta, pizzas, gelatos, and sides that absolutely burst with flavor. There’s always an interesting interplay of spices and ingredients and a subtle touch of something just a little different.